Consumer Unit Installation in Rugeley | Our Domestic Electricians List the Most Common Signs Your Property Needs Rewiring

Redfern Rowley Ltd is a local company of qualified and experienced commercial and domestic electricians covering Rugeley and the surrounding areas. Known for our creative layouts and high-quality work, our services include lighting installation, consumer unit installation, PAT testing and various other domestic, industrial and commercial electrical services.

Our electricity supplies keep us fed, warm and clothed so, in return, it makes sense to ensure they are well-maintained and running safely. However, many of us don’t pay much attention to our electrics until something happens and we’re literally left in the dark.

Here are some top tips to avoid electrical issues and get professional repairs as soon as they are needed:


Never Take Risks!

If you think something is wrong with your electricity supply, then seek the advice of professionals immediately. Failure to do so could initially lead to tripping circuit breakers, which will cut off the flow. Ignorance may cause fires, shocks, or fatalities so it’s essential to nip the problem in the bud.

Even though you may regard your home or property as modern, the consumer unit or lighting installations may still require upgrading. And, for commercial business owners, can you remember the last time your portable electrical appliances underwent PAT testing?

Look Out for the Following Signs

We’ve listed the most common indicators which may mean your electricity supply needs attention and, perhaps, an upgrade or full rewire. Redfern Rowley carries out complete rewiring services as part of our domestic and commercial electrical services. If you think your home or premises may need this service, please call our commercial and domestic electricians on 01283 454464 today.

Consumer Unit Installation

Did you know that properties built post 2016 must have a metal box protecting the consumer unit? If yours is in plastic, it’s still perfectly legal. Older fuse boards should be replaced in line with regulations and to guarantee a safe supply of electricity.

Electric Shocks

Have you ever received a sharp shock from a switch or socket? Don’t ignore this or think it’s a one-time occurrence. The shock could be a sign of an issue which, if not addressed, may lead to serious harm. The same applies to buzzing from switches or sockets.

Fuses/Circuit Breakers

Are they continually blowing or tripping? If so, something is wrong with either an appliance or the supply of electricity running to or from one or several electrical devices. Not only should this be checked out, it’s highly inconvenient for every member of the household.

Flickering Lights

Initially the problem could just be a single bulb which needs replacing but, if the flickering persists, or occurs frequently throughout your Rugeley property, then you should ask a qualified commercial or domestic electrician to assess the situation.


It’s important to check these regularly to ensure they are not loose or discoloured in any way. Hanging sockets may catch the attention of pets or tiny hands. Scorch marks could indicate there are loose connections behind the sockets that require attention.

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