Consumer Unit Installation

Consumer Unit Installation
in Burton upon Trent | Domestic Electricians in Rugeley and the Surrounding Areas

Originally referred to as the fuse board, consumer units are the backbone of any property’s electrical systems. Their purpose is to protect users from harm by instantly cutting off the supply of electricity to faulty or damaged equipment once detected. Failure to do so can lead to injury, or even death, so it’s vital the system is fully functional at all times. As experienced commercial and domestic electricians, Redfern Rowley Ltd offers consumer unit installation and repair services to clients based in Burton upon Trent, Rugeley and the surrounding areas, ensuring each system is working correctly whilst protecting you and your property.

Please contact us to enquire about a new consumer unit or other commercial or domestic electrical services, including lighting installation.

In terms of consumer units, we offer:

  • Consumer Unit Upgrades

  • Consumer Unit Replacements

  • Fitting of Consumer Units in New Properties

  • Domestic and Commercial Consumer Units

  • Consumer Unit Testing and Repairs


What is a Consumer Unit?

Made up of a number of components, a consumer unit includes residual current devices (RCDs), circuit breakers and, of course, its own mains switch. It maintains the flow of electricity throughout a property, working constantly to provide the relevant service you require immediately.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

Essential for the protection of life, these safety devices are designed to check an even current is directed to and from any electrical apparatus. If it is not, then the device will cut off supply immediately as faulty appliances will leak electricity directly towards the user once touched.

Circuit Breakers

Whereas RCDs protect life, circuit breakers will help to prevent electrical fires breaking out in your Burton upon Trent or Rugeley property. Basically, they are reusable fuses. Originally fuses blew when appliances overheated or showed signs of damage and required replacement. Once the appliance is fixed, circuit breakers only need resetting.

Types of Consumer Units

We tailor consumer unit installation to the size and requirements of each property. our team can visit your premises and advise on which unit will best suit your needs. There is no limit to the amount of units you can have on your property but, in order to ensure your supply rarely fails, secondary units should be placed in garages and outdoor buildings. Overloading the circuits will cause consistent issues and potential hazards.

We only use the best brands on the market, guaranteeing both safety and longevity. We also include a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all services provided by our experienced commercial and domestic electricians.

Consumer Unit Upgrades

Do you own an older property in Burton upon Trent? Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a period home in Rugeley. Before you do, check out the electrical supply and see if the wiring and consumer unit conforms to current regulations. If it doesn’t, we’re more than happy to help by offering a complete rewiring service and consumer unit installation.

Get in touch with our commercial and domestic electricians for more information.

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